Зрял кози кашкавал – 3 итересни факти, за които не подозирате

From a technological point of view, cheese is the most complex type of dairy product produced in our country. Making quality mature goat's cheese is even more complex, a real artisanal challenge. In each package of mature goat's cheese we have combined hard work, quality raw materials and passion in its preparation. We've decided to share with you three interesting facts about our Kozarev mature goat's cheese that you may not know.


1. Over ten litres of milk in one kilo of mature goat's cheese

Did you know that to make one kilo of our mature goat's cheese, we use over ten litres of our own quality-controlled whole goat's milk and nothing else. That's why our mature goat's cheese has such a rich milky flavour. 

Yes, there are dozens of substitutes for fresh goat's milk in practice to bring down the cost of the product. However, we are of the opinion that it is insulting to put such substances in our products, because the health of our consumers is what is most valuable to us.
Бъдете убедени, че в нашия зрял кози кашквал има само мляко, закваски, калций, сол и нищо друго.

Doesn't that much milk in 1 kg of product raise the price a lot?

We can't use only farmer's goat's milk in our mature goat's cheese (and in all our products, of course) and not have it affect the price. Our mature goat's cheese is priced slightly higher than the market average, but we try to keep the price within reason. One of the techniques we use to reduce the shelf price is through its grammage. Each pack of our mature cheese weighs exactly 200g, so you can enjoy a deep gourmet taste at a reasonable price.

The nice ripe goat's cheese becomes thread

One of the technological features of the cheese that distinguishes it from all other cheeses known in our country is its brew. In its production, mature goat's cheese is placed in hot brine.

This melts the rennet and the product is then kneaded in the manner of bread. This step is a must for all those who make their cheese from milk only and then set it to mature. This is why nice mature goat's cheese becomes stringy when you cut it. 

 Ripe goat's cheese must mature for at least 60 days 


Ripe goat's cheese must mature for at least 60 days

Unlike white brine cheese, which ripens in brine, Kozarev mature goat's cheese ripens dry. The ready-made cheese is placed in special rooms with controlled humidity and air circulation. In this way, excess moisture in the cheese evaporates.

he ripening of cheese is a very important process. In addition to imparting a specific aroma and taste, ripening also changes the bio-chemical properties of the product. Ripe goat's cheese is characterised by a reduced amount of lactose, making it suitable for consumption even by lactose intolerant people.

Unfortunately, over the years we have seen many unfair practices in the production of cheese (goat, sheep, cow). We dare say that ripening is one of the most often neglected processes. Rest assured that our mature goat's cheese is matured for a minimum of 60 days and we do not compromise on this, not even by a day. Yes, the process of ripening cheese is labour intensive, requiring a lot of effort, ripening rooms, electricity and other production costs.

However, we at Kozarev are of the opinion that specific standards in the production of dairy products must be followed with obsessive precision, because they are what make the difference between special gourmet products and mediocre and ordinary ones.